The Best Professionals Shears in the Market 

Crafting the perfect hairstyle requires more than just skill and talent; it demands the use of premium tools, and no tool is more essential to a hairstylist’s arsenal than a high-quality shear. However, selecting the right shear can be an arduous task for professionals who demand precision and perfection. While there are countless options on the market, it’s crucial to choose the one that suits your hairstyling needs, allowing you to create unique and imaginative hairstyles that reflect your artistry and vision.

In this blog, we will delve into the key factors that every discerning hairstylist should consider when selecting the perfect shear, including blade quality, blade design, optimal blade length, ergonomic features, and price comparisons. By the end, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what makes a great hair cutting shear and be able to make an informed decision when it comes to investing in the best tools of the trade.

Kamisori (The Fanciest)

If you are looking for high quality hairstyling shears, Kamisori is one of the best options. The brand has 20 years of experience in crafting premium quality Japanese shears. Kamisori uses a blend of high quality materials and all the shears have a superior ergonomic design. Expert craftsmen curate fine shears which are perfect for fast, precise and smooth cutting. Each pair goes through 93 different steps to ensure a high quality shear. Kamisori has a couple interesting shear sets:

The Shadow Shear Set has an extraordinary titanium finish and is available in three shear sizes (6, 6.5 and 7 inches). The set comprises one shadow hair cutting shear and one shadow thinning shear. Three color options (white, camel brown and jade green) are available.

Kamisori recently released the Anniversary collection featuring three extraordinary shears. The Limited Edition Gold Frost 2 shears are the epitome of perfect craftsmanship. These shears are glazed with 24-karat Japanese gold and cost a whooping $1,225.

Yasaka (Low Price and High Quality)

If you are looking for premium quality hair-dressing shears, Yasaka shears are the best options. The Yasaka YA55 Cutting offset shears are made with 400C stainless steel and have a blade length of 58mm. The shear’s full length is around 141 mm. The Yasaka M60 is another great 6 inch option made in high quality ATS314 Cobalt Stainless steel. The shear comes in 6 inch length and has a blade length of 63 mm. All Yasaka shears are lightweight and have excellent ergonomics. Shears start at $150 and go all the way up to $1250.

Matsui (Free Accessories)

Matsui is among the best shear manufacturers in the world. The brand has an affordable price and offers good value for money. All the shears are made in high quality materials and the after sales services are excellent as well. Matsui has a broad range of shears.

The Matsui Precision Rose Gold hair cutting shears cost just $250 and come in two shear lengths (5.5 and 6 inches). All shears come standard with a premium quality case, shear oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster and spare finger inserts. All the designs are highly ergonomic and the emphasis is on keeping the shear weight as low as possible while maximizing the ergonomics.

The Matsui Precision Thinning tool will cost you $299 but is definitely worth the money. This texturizing shear is perfect for removing excess volume and creating texture through layering. The Matsui Precision Rose Gold has a standard 6.0 inch size and is forged with Hitachi 440C Japanese Steel. This shear comes with spare blades, razor and other standard accessories. 

Hanzo (Best Quality, Best Ergonomics – Slightly High Price)

Hanzo Shears are some of the best hair-cutting tools available today. These shears are made from premium Japanese steel and specially designed to provide exceptional performance and precision. Hanzo Shears come in a wide range of models, each with unique features and capabilities. Here are the top swivel shears by Hanzo, recommended by top hairstylists in the U.S:

The HH6S Kime Swivel is a swivel enthusiast’s go-to shear in Hanzo’s high-carbon Japanese Steel shear range. This shear is known for its efficient dry-cutting properties and is well-rounded to handle any kind of wet haircutting as well. The HH6S Kime Swivel features a thicker blade designed to push through thick, coarse dry hair quickly, and the radius on the edges is slightly different, helping to peel hair via techniques like channel cutting and slide cutting.

The HH313T Hanashi Aru Swivel (left) and HH340T Mazeru Swivel (right) are must-have texturizers for any swivel user. The Hanashi Aru Swivel is a versatile blending tool that can save time in short or long hair or add deeper texture in long hair. On the other hand, the HH340T Mazeru Swivel is a 40-tooth blending shear that removes 50% of the hair to create a perfect blend in a scissor-over-comb or anywhere else a stylist might be looking to blend. Both shears have an ergonomic design and provide comfort for everyday use, making them an excellent choice for stylists and barbers alike.

Here is a basic comparison for convenience.