6 Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears To Try Today

According to a survey report by MHD, nearly 11% of professional hairstylists are left-handed. Left-handed hairstylists often face challenges in finding top-notch tools that cater to their unique requirements. Fortunately, all the major shear companies such as Hattori Hanzo, Sam Villa, and Scissor Tech offer left-handed shear options. This article presents five high-quality left handed hair cutting scissors that you step up your hairstyling game.

HH4L Menuki by Hanzo ($917.00)

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The HH4L Menuki is one of the best left-handed hair cutting scissors available in the market. The shear has a crane design with an ergonomic handle, a permanent finger rest, countersunk locking tension control and screw-in bumper. These high-end left handed hair cutting scissors are made with premium molybdenum alloy. The anatomic thumb set allows a full range of motion, allowing the hairstylist to create more intricate hairstyles. These shears are ideal for blunt or point cutting techniques – for both wet and dry hair (FREE SHIPPING | LIFETIME WARRANTY | 15 DAY REFUND).

Signature Series Wet Cutting Shear by Sam Villa ($475)

best left handed hair cutting scissors

The Signature Series by Sam Villa is immensely popular. With a 5.75 inch shear size, the shears are made from Japanese Molybdenum alloy blade which has almost zero friction sliding through hair. These shears feature a crane design with a convex blade . Since these blades are handcrafted, they can hold their edge longer than machine beveled blades. These left handed hair cutting scissors use a unique lead spring tension system for expanding tension across the length of the blades instead of only the pivot. The scissor ergonomics are excellent – the blades point upwards requiring more input from elbow and hand stays in a neutral position. The polymer lining in the pivot reduces metal to metal grinding, keeping the shears young for a longer time. The weight is around 57 grams which is slightly heavy, however the excellent ergonomics will prevent you from developing carpal tunnel syndrome in the long run. Good option for point cutting and creating intricate styles.

HH88L Eighty-Eight by Hanzo ($933)

best left handed scissors for cutting hair

The HH88L shears are made with premium high-carbon Japanese stainless steel. These shears are excellent for both wet and dry hair. These left handed hair cutting scissors have a classic shape, come with dual removable tangs, screw-in bumper and counter-sunk locking tension control. These shears are available only in 5.5 inch length and are suited for both wet and dry cutting. Famous British hairstylist, Vidal Sassoon, loves the HH88L left handed hair cutting scissors for its ergonomic properties (FREE SHIPPING | LIFETIME WARRANTY | 15 DAY REFUND).

MATSUI Precision Rose Gold Cutting Shear by Scissortec ($199)

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The Matsui precision gold cutting shears are an excellent left-handed budget option. These shears are made with Hitachi Japanese steel which does not compete with Sam Villa or Hanzo quality but still is quite decent for the price point. A case, shear oil, cleaning cloth, tension adjuster and spare finger inserts come free with these rose gold left handed cutting scissors. Available in two lengths: 5.5 inches and 6.0 inches. Good option for creating layered, bob, and pixie cuts. Perfect for cutting bangs.

HHVLT1 Mamba Texturizer by Hanzo ($691)

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The HHVLT1 Mamba Texturizer takes out approximately 55% of hair. These scissors have a brushed handle for better grip. The screw-in bumper and countersunk locking tension control give these texturizers a smooth feel. There are 14 angled ⅛ inch blades and the slight angle helps sliding through the hair. This comes in handy while blending extensions or creating soft textured looks (FREE SHIPPING | LIFETIME WARRANTY | 15 DAY REFUND).

Streamline Series Shear by Sam Villa ($475)

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The Streamline Series left handed hair cutting scissors by Sam Villa are one of my personal favorites. These shears are available in three lengths (5.5, 6.25 and 6.75 inches). The contoured blades, crane style handle and a highly sculpted handle provide the hairstylist excellent precision. The shorter handles, thinner blades and smaller finger holes make these shears perfect for female hairstylists. Streamline shears come with a forward set thumb and flat-line tension system for even tension from pivot to the tip. The polymer lining helps prevent metal-on-metal grinding to further extend shear life.

Left Handed Hair cutting Scissors Comparison Table

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