5 Cool Scissors To Check Out In 2023

Are you looking for some cool scissors to spice up your shear collection? Look no further, we got you covered. After using dozens of shears and testing numerous, we have brought you the ultimate list of cool scissors


Daniel Golz Edt One – Jaguar Scissors 


Let’s begin with an amazing shear from Jaguar scissors – the Daniel Golz Edition One.  


Jaguar scissors and Daniel Golz have collaborated to form this masterpiece – a limited edition masterpiece. The shear has a slicing edge with long-lasting sharpness. The shears are of German made for which reason have slightly beveled blades. Golz special edition shears have the incomparable jaguar hand feel and feature an offset handle. The shears come in 5.50 inch size, smart spin screw mechanism, and semi-integrated cutting edge. 


What makes these a cool scissor pair to own? These shears are made with Friodur blade – a hard and extremely resistant blade. Additionally, these shears are specifically designed to relax arm, neck and shoulder muscles which is accomplished with the help of an angled thumb eye. A truly professional tool with an excellent finish.   


Hallo Berlin – White Line Series – Jaguar Scissors

The second cool scissor to own in 2023 is the Hallo Berlin which has an offset handle position and a standard 5.50 inch design. Hallo Berlin shears have a really cool street style print with an offset handle position and a vario screw connection. These cool scissors feature removable tangs, and have an allergy-neutral coating. The total weight of these scissors is under 40 grams making them ultra-light weight. 

Anyone with a love of graffiti and affinity for cool products should own a pair of these cool scissors


Salut Paris – White Line Series – Jaguar Scissors 

Cool scissors to buy by Jaguar scissors

Inspired by the Parisian flower blooms, the Salut Paris is a cool scissor with pink floral patterns. The shear has a 5.50 inches length with excellent dry-cutting properties. These shears are made with high quality forged special steel, with a flat-cutting angle. The Vario screw system used in these shears is easily adjustable so these shears are not only cool but also highly practical.  


KAOS Hair Cutting Shears – Kamisori Shears 

The makers of these cool scissors, Kamisori scissors, claim that these shears have been imitated but never duplicated. The handle is made from genuine Japanese Sterling silver with blade forged using ATS-314 cobalt stainless super steel. Available in 5.5 and 6.0 inches with a semi-offset style handle.

When you buy these cool scissors, you will get an exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty, shear oil, and a luxury Kamisori case.


Jewel 3 Double Swivel Hair Cutting Shear – Kamisori Shears 

On number 5 are the Jewel 3 double swivel shears that have anatomically shaped finger rings and an asymmetric balance. The blade has a Kamisori 3d convex blade and an amazing tension system. These shears are coated in a matt-rose gold color and are available in sizes (5 inches, 5.5 inches and 6.0 inches). Available in both left and right-handed option. The Kamisori 3 tension system makes these shears unique – it features a spring-click system with commercial grade titanium parts and a life-time warranty. These shears also come with a premium quality shear oil, and luxury Kamisori case which protects the shear from nicks.

Cool scissors to buy in 2023 - the Kamisori Jewel 3


While Kamisori provides you shear case, not all shear brands are so gracious. It is a good idea to invest in a good quality shear case that will prevent your shear from environmental damage and prevent the blade from getting dull.

Checkout these amazing shear cases to buy in 2023

All these shears add an element of charm and glamour to your shear set. These cool scissors are not only stylish but highly practical.

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