Centrix Shears Review – Are They Worth Investing?

Are Centrix shears good for hairstylists?

About the Brand – Centrix Shears (Low Cost + High Reliability)

Centrix Shears / Cricketco is indeed a well-established brand in the hairstyling and beauty industry, known for its reliability and quality products. While there are other reputable shear brands available, Cricketco stands out due to its diverse range of products and its popularity among beauty enthusiasts.

One notable advantage of Cricketco is its comprehensive product line. In addition to high-quality combs, shears, brushes, electronic dryers, and straightening tools, the brand also offers low-cost hairstyling kits. This wide variety allows professionals and consumers to find the tools that best suit their needs and preferences, all from a single brand.

While brands like Hanzo and Jaguar scissors are also recognized in the industry, Cricketco’s range of products and its reputation for reliability contribute to its appeal. It caters to a broader customer base, offering both professional-grade tools and affordable options for those who may be starting out or seeking budget-friendly alternatives.

Ultimately, the choice of shear brand depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget. However, Cricketco’s extensive product range and reputation as a reliable brand make it a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts.

Centrix Shear Series by Cricketco

Centrix shears are renowned among professional hairstylists for their combination of low cost and high quality. This article highlights some of the top cutting and texturizing Centrix shears currently available in the market, showcasing their excellent reputation in the industry.

Centrix Vortex 500 (Price: $149.98)

centrix vortex shearsAll professional hairstylists need a good, reliable tool for point cutting. The ideal length for such a tool is between 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Centrix Shears has a variety of tools for point cutting but the Centrix Vortex 500 excels above all. This 5.0 inch shear is forged using Japanese steel and is hand finished. The convex edge allows the shear to cut smoothly and advanced ergonomics of the offset handle minimize hand fatigue. The leaf-spring tension mechanism allows the hairstylists to cut smoothly and the unique tang design allows the hairstylist to rest the finger in a neutral position. To prevent the shear from damage, Centrix Shears provide a keepsake storage case with a tension adjuster, finger rings and shear oil.

Centrix ZCON (Price: $54.95)


centrix hair cutting shearsIntroducing the Centrix ZCON 5.75″ Shear, a reliable tool from the Centrix Shears range for professional hairstylists. Combining American design, Japanese techniques, and German production standards, this shear delivers exceptional quality and performance. Crafted with High-Quality German Stainless Steel, it ensures durability for long-lasting use. The Ultra-Sharp Blade guarantees a smooth cut, while the adjustable Tension Knob provides comfort and versatility for different hair types. The Relax Offset Handle has excellent ergonomics and is designed to reduce hand fatigue. To protect your investment, the Centrix ZCON 5.75″ Shear comes with an exclusive shear sheath to cover the shear when not in use. Suited for point cutting and slide cutting.

Centrix V2 39 Revolving Thumb Thinning Shear (Price: $329.95)


centrix 500 shearsIntroducing the V2 39 Revolving Thumb Thinning Shear, the ultimate shear combining technique with ergonomic perfection. With its revolving thumb and Maximum Convex Duridium blades, it effortlessly removes 50% bulk from hair. The cut-away Power Step blades provide precise narrowing and tapering, while Nulon™ channels ensure smooth action and reduced wear. Crafted from forged Japanese steel and cryogenically treated, the V2 shear offers exceptional durability. Its advanced Ergo Arc Offset Handle provides comfort, and the reversible design accommodates both right and left-handed stylists. The shear features a custom leaf-spring tension modifier knob for personalized adjustments. Overall, it is one of the best available thinning shears available in the market. Best part – get a FREE city bag with accessories worth $55.

Centrix Koi 575 5.75 inch shear (Price: $150)


centrix hair shearsThe Centrix Koi is a $150 masterpiece. Its name Koi means love as all Centrix Shears are crafted with love by expert craftsmen. These shears are a fusion of high quality Japanese forged 440-C forged steel and ergonomic design that entuses comfort. The Centrix Koi has a 5.75 inch size with an ultra sharp blade. The tension knob enables the hairstylists to custom adjust tension and accommodate a vast variety of hair textures.

Centrix Metamorphosis 30T Thinner Shear (Price: $249.95)


centrix shearsThe Centrix Metamorphosis Shears are specifically designed to create a union of fluid and instinctive movements. Centrix Shears claims that unique Butterfly Effect handles offer a gentle balance allowing for smooth transitions and advanced styling techniques. These are one of the most expensive products by Centrix Shears but definitely justify the price tag. The Butterfly Effect Handles have a glide grip that is slanted for natural positioning and control. Angeled pinky and finger rest prevent fatigue.