5 Basic Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Hair Salon

Opening a hair salon can be a great business decision as it provides you a place where you can showcase your talents as a professional hairstylist and get rewarded for them. It is also a place where you can make a steady income and eventually a huge profit if your business becomes a success.

However, as with any business, opening a hair salon has a large set of risks involved if you do not do proper due diligence before starting your business.

The beauty industry generates about $56 billion annually and that number is expected to reach $190.81 billion by 2024 so there are a lot of opportunities to make a huge profit. However, more than 86,000 hair salons exist in America alone and that number is growing at a rapid pace so you must do your proper research and find things that will make you stand out in order to ensure that your business will stay open for the foreseeable future.

There are some basic things that you need to know before you even think about starting your own hair salon and here we will discuss these things in detail;

Crafting a Business Plan

No business can function properly without a proper business plan so it is absolutely crucial that you come up with a business plan before anything else. A good business plan plays the role of a roadmap as it is a document that can guide your business to success.

A well-rounded business plan includes things like your customer segments, supplier plans, business relationships, revenue streams, marketing channels, and cost structure.

A great business plan however doesn’t necessarily have to be a long and drawn-out procedure. You have probably thought about all of this stuff beforehand and have a lot of important key concepts in your mind. This step simply involves jotting down those ideas so that they are able to properly implement them.

Proper Market Analysis

After figuring out a business plan for your salon, the next step is to do proper market research to make sure that your salon meets the needs of the local populace. There are a lot of hair salons that open and shut down every single day so you need to do market research to determine the factor that will ensure the long-term success of your salon.

The results from this analysis will give you a better understanding of the services that are in demand and the ones that are not. There are various options that you can choose from and techniques that you can implement to perform this analysis.

For instance, you can use different analysis tools as well as visit other salons in the area yourself to observe the services that you are offering and how you can improve upon these services yourself.

Determine the Costs of Opening and Operating a Salon

After doing proper market analysis and figuring out the needs of the area where you want to open the hair salon, the next is to figure out the costs of opening the hair salon. The cornerstone of any good business strategy is to figure out exactly how much money is needed to set up and run your business.

You need to think about every possible area where you might have to spend money so that you do not run into any financial problems later on.

Expenses like licenses and permits, insurance, salon equipment, inventory, payroll, and real estate need to be considered before the process can go any further. Once you have properly analyzed all these areas, you need to map out your finances. Mapping out your finances will tell you if you have the money to open this salon on your own or whether you need to secure some additional funding through a loan.

Buying the Necessary Equipment

After you have secured the necessary funds to finance your hair salon, the next step is for you to buy the equipment necessary to efficiently run the salon. When looking for equipment there are several options that you can choose from. For instance, you can either buy new furniture and equipment or you can rent it.

New professional hairstyling equipment can cost a large sum of money and can spike up the cost of opening up a salon.

Although it is important to save money wherever possible when you are opening up a new salon, it is also equally important to remember that sometimes it is better to buy new equipment as everything has an expiration date. So, you need to be very careful when you are looking to buy or rent out used equipment.

Hiring the Right Staff

After you have everything else set up and ready to go, the final and arguably most important step of the process is to hire competent staff for your salon. Your salon is as good as the staff you employ to help run it so you should hire people who are serious and determined to do their job properly.

Once you have finalized the people who will work for you in your salon, it is your job to train them so that they maintain a professional and high-standard working environment. Beauty is a personal industry, so having skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable staff can help you retain customers and take your hair salon to the next level.



These are some basic things that you need to know before you start your own hair salon. A hair salon can be a long-lasting and successful business if it is managed and monitored properly. As a salon owner, it will be your job to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your establishment to ensure that the high standards are properly maintained.

If you follow these steps you will not only create a long and sustainable business for yourself and your future generations but you will also create multiple jobs and a pleasant working environment for all your employees and provide them with the opportunity to grow and advance in this field.