4 Scissor Stands and Cases That Every Hairdresser Should Own

Are scissor stands worth investing in?

Importance of Scissor Stands and Cases in Hairdressing

Scissor stands and cases are essential in the industry of hairdressing. They make the salon more organized and efficient, saving hairdressers time and effort. These accessories not only keep tools organized, but they also protect them from harm, allowing them to last longer. Stylists may create a professional and efficient work environment with scissor stands and cases, improving their profession and providing a better experience for clients. Investing in excellent scissor stands and cases is a wise decision that brings long-term benefits to the style industry.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Scissor Stands and Cases

Investing in a quality scissor stand and cases offers several key benefits for professional hairstylists:

  1. Organization: Shears can be conveniently organized with a scissor stand, and a high-quality scissor case offers a portable and secure storage option. The case holds each shear in its designated compartment or slot, preventing tangling and damage during transportation.
  2. Hygiene: A scissor stand and case at the salon help to maintain hygienic standards. They separate clean and sanitized shears from used or dirty shears, reducing the danger of cross-contamination. To maintain clean shears in perfect condition for each customer, store them separately in the stand or case.
  3. Convenience: A scissor stand and case combo ensures easy access and portability for hairstylists. The stand keeps shears within reach on the salon workstation, while the case allows convenient and protected transportation of essential shears.
  4. Safety: Shears are secured by the stand, preventing accidental cuts. The case protects shears during transportation, protecting them from harm.
  5. Professionalism: Adding scissor stands and cases to the hairdressing station adds a professional touch. A clean and well-kept room improves the entire customer experience and maintains the salon’s reputation.

Must Have Scissor Cases and Stands

Noverlife Hairdressing Scissors stand

This Noverlife hairdressing scissors stand is designed with 6 compartments of various sizes and a detachable sponge liner featuring holes for specialized storage. This space-saving scissor stand provides quick access, keeping everything neat in one convenient location. It is ideal for stylists, barbers, and hairdressers because it makes it simple to access necessary tools while working. It’s a must-have for stylists, allowing easy access to hairdressing scissors, clips, combs, and brushes while working. prices range between $21.14 to $23.95.

Wooden Scissors Holder Rack Stand – Ebay

shear beauty standDiscover the versatility of this wooden scissors holder stand designed to accommodate six shears and brushes comfortably. Its strong base ensures exceptional strength, making it an excellent choice for your salon. At $18.00, this shear stand is an excellent value. Please be aware that when the shear blade comes into contact with the wooden frame, it may cause minor shear damage since there may not be enough area for additional accessories or shavers.

Salon Scissor Stand by Shanrya

shear standThe Segbeauty Scissor stand features a single holder and two compartments. It comes with a removable fiber insert for secure shear placement. Rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom ensure stability. With dimensions of 6.1 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches, this stand is an excellent choice for professional hairdressers who work with multiple shears, shavers, combs, and accessories. Choose from six vibrant color options, with prices ranging from $13.49 to $18.99.

Scissor Holder and Stand – Barber Gear

scissor beauty standThe scissor stand by Barber Gear is an affordable option, priced at just under $6.00. The fiber padding of the stand has a lot of long bristles to keep your shears in place. There are three different colors to choose from: silver, gold, and black. It’s important to note that this stand only has room for three to four professional shears and has no compartments for storing different types of shears.

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Best Scissor Cases to buy in 2023

Brown Checkered Case by Scissor Mall (8 Scissor)

scissor caseThe Brown Checkered scissor case is a stylish option that features two separate zippered compartments and a sophisticated design. Each pocket has a generous capacity, accommodating up to 4 scissors and allowing a total of 8 shears to be stored. The case’s durable outer shell ensures reliable protection for shears measuring up to 7.5 inches in length. Additionally, it includes a convenient business card holder, enhancing its practicality. With its exceptional quality, this scissor case is competitively priced at $45.

Hanzo HHC20 Shear Case (20 Scissors)

scissor case for hairdresserThe Hanzo HHC30 is a durable shear case designed to look like a briefcase that can hold up to 20 shears. The shears will remain securely in place while being transported thanks to the case’s carefully lined interior. This case emits quality, and its $100 price tag is justified by its longevity and high-quality workmanship. It also has an open to carrying handle for easy movement. At $100, the Hanzo HHC30 is a fantastic investment that provides fantastic motivation for hairdressers. Its clever design and superior materials ensure the security and association of your shears, making it a reliable choice.

Sturdy Scissor Case from Etsy

scissor casesThis Sturdy scissor case from Etsy is a great solution for professional hairstylists who need to carry a range of shears. It is great for hairstylists who carry a range of shears since it is constructed of high-quality leatherette and can contain 12 scissors. It contains a buttoned pocket, a zipped compartment, 12 shears-only compartments, an oiling pen loop and a hole for a detachable loop. With plenty of room for texturing tools, cutting shears, and even accessories like combs, clips, and finger inserts, its folding design keeps everything organized and accessible.

Hanzo HHROLL8 Suede Shear Case

case scissorsThe Hanzo HHROLL8 Suede Scissor Case is the perfect method to keep hair stylists’ supplies on the road. This case, which can contain up to 8 scissors, provides an optimum balance of security and comfort. It has a delicate and luxurious feel since it is made of high-quality calfskin. Each shear has its own compartment, ensuring safe capacity and preventing any potential damage during transit. Its compact and portable design makes it an essential accessory for hair stylists who need to transport their tools everywhere they go. The Hanzo HHROLL8 Calfskin Shear Case combines functionality and design, making it an obvious necessity for every professional beautician.